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• Play linked to better school success than early academic training Read More

• E-books in education show lackluster results Read More

• 18% of consumers watch online content on their TV Read More

• School choice is a stronger influence than race on 5th graders’ overall health Read More

• Kids who spend 2+ hours a day with a screen drink more sugary drinks Read More

• Nukotoys unveils paper trading cards that connect to your iOS device Read More

• Health teacher creates fun, interactive anti-bullying app Read More

• iPad games designed to encourage collaboration and communication in the classroom Read More

• Games for good: Increasing civic participation and social responsibility Read More

• Sony adds augmented reality to latest Harry Potter “e-book” Read More

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Store Children’s Art Electronically

With the large quantities of artwork your child may create, it can be difficult to keep and display everything. ArtKive allows parents to digitally store your child’s artwork, tag it with their age and grade level, leave comments, and share with specific circles of friends and family. See More

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Teen Time with Parents is Important

One-on-one time between teens and parents increases in early to middle adolescence, a finding that has substantial effects on teens’ wellbeing. Teenagers who spent more time with their parents, especially their fathers, from early to late adolescence have better social skills and higher self esteem, according to a study in the journal Child Development. See More

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Pedometer Powered Social Game

Instead of just tracking your activity levels and fitness, Apptiv Games hopes to “gamify” the exercise experience with achievements, badges, rewards and other social functions. See More

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Cartoon Characters Sell Healthy Foods

The inclusion of familiar and beloved characters on fruits and veggies may increase children’s consumption of healthy food choices. When Elmo stickers appeared on apples, they became 65% more popular with kids ages 8-11 than those with no Elmo sticker, Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine reports. See More

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